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House On Cary Hill

A complete drainage overhaul. The whole property was addressed with grading, drainage and retaining walls.

This property was a beacon for flood areas and puddles, with hills in inefficient locations and erosion made ditches that could break an ankle. Simply put, the whole property just wasnt functional. During heavy storms, the basement of the house would flood and the ground would stay saturated for long periods of time afterwards becuse there was nowhere for the water to properly flow. Side note: NC was ranked in the top 10 wettest states in 2022. This makes proper drainage that much more important. You dont want to have water issues for long periods of time casuing big issue and even bigger repair budgets.

We were able to overhaul the whole property by cutting down the grade, reshping the land and resloping away from the house. We added drainage along the whole exterior and installed retaining walls in the back left of the house where the grade had a steeper decline.

All in all this project took us about 1 week to complete and was left ready for the landscapers to lay down sod and plant new shrubs and bushes for a finished look.

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