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Design is In the Detail

An aesthetically pleasing stack stone retaining wall block

These homeowners had a fiberglass pool installed along with a built-in covered outdoor kitchen. There backyard was beautiful but once the concrete was poured, they were left with a steep slope off from the edge of the concrete.

In roder to remove the slope and maximize the yard, we installed a structural wall 4' away from the concrete edge. This allowed enough space to incorporate landscaping along the edge of the pool area. The wall was built with a structural block that had a stack stone facde. We tied the wall in to the edge of the concrete at the front left of the decking and wrapped it around the backside finishing into the decking near the outdoor kitchen area. The wall included 5' wide steps to give access to the remainder of the yard. We also hardwired lighting along the underside of the coping to give ambiant lighting at night.

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