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Cry Me A River

Excessive Waterflow and Flooding Issue

Heavy rainfall can cause many land issues. The Fuquay-Varina area is expanding rapidly. This is great for our community but not so great for the exisitng land owners. The new construction going up in the area is causing A LOT of drainage issues for exisiting land owners in the area especially when we have a large amount of storms.

This particular home owner has a creek running through their property, where over time, has erroded the land around it. The creek had collected debris and foliage that impeded the waterflow casuing it to backup and flood almost everyrain fall.

We came in and cleaned up the areas that showed signs of clogging and debris, drudged out the excess, cleaned up the embankments and added riprap for further erosion control. Not only does this yard look a lot cleaner, but it nowallows for proper rainwater flow, and prevents future erosion.

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